Monday, February 16, 2009

Bob Ong

who is bob ong?!

well, he is a human being...i suppose...
oops, no, he IS a human being.
it's just that "bob ong" is his pseudonym.
you know, just like the other revolutionists we had,
bob ong is an author of books which aim to change the people's outlook in life.

i started reading bob ong's works just recently and i found them..."alluring"...
he has this magic in him which hypnotizes the readers.
well, it is not really "hypnotizing" because what he says are true.
but in effect, his words truly are hypnotizing...

i've finished reading ABNKKBSNPLAko?! and it's the book suited for us students.
i've never read a book like this. it's like his journal. his OWN journal. but you are attached to it. you are included. one line and it touches your life. especially now that we are graduating.
Bob Ong talks about his life as a student...since he was in kindergarten...until he reached college...and even after college. you see, learning is a lifetime process. he talks about his hardships and achievements. another remarkable thing in this book is his salute to his teachers. and, lastly, the way he felt when he went back to his school (in high school) to get his diploma, years after his HS graduation. i guess we would have the same feeling when we go back to our dear alma mater. "nakabalik nga ako sa lugar. hindi ko na naibalik ang panahon." to all those who are graduating, live your life to the fullest. treasure every moment...for it's a day, an hour, a minute, or a second, that you will never ever get again.

now, i'm reading bakit baliktad magbasa ang pilipino?
and yes, it hit me!
the ones who are giving up...those who are tired of being a filipino will be dead.
not literally of course...their outlook will be changed because bob ong points out that it is great to be a filipino.

i do not intend to plagiarize bob ong's works.
i just want to compile his striking quotes...
hoping that everyone who will visit this site will be inspired.


  1. ..+ang galing galing mung author alm muh bang naiyak ako sa talambuhay muh xna mei libro kah pang ma publish,alam muh bang kumpleto kame nang libro muh , lalo nah ung pumunta kame ng sm sabe ng ate wag muna namen bilin ung latest muh talagang pinilit kuh cya para lang mabili un kahit la nah kameng pera...i hope u will publish another books........

  2. sna may lumabas agd n ksunod ang kapitan sino..nbasa q n lhat ng buks kumple2 aq s mga buks moh kaso ung 2 nwwala. . .at ung 2 hndi p binablik ng ex q...huhuh. . .sna mgpublish kn ulit ng bgo mong buk. . .s fb account q may app aq ng "payong ni bob ong" heheh..lgi aqng ngppost ng gnun. . . .^^

  3. me kumakalat na balita na nmaty kna dw??.., paiyak na ko nun akala koh to2o.. ikw pa nman nging inspirasyon ko sa lahat ng likha ko.., isa ang mga kowt moh sa ngi2ng pundasyon ng mga pananaw ko sa buhay!! andrama ko noh!??!..,,gs2 ko lng magpsalamat sayo!! //.,, XDXD

  4. late na ba akong magcomment?any way..PUTIK! ang galing ng Ang Paboritong Aklat ni Hudas...

  5. lately ko lng nabasa mga books mo.. kilala na kita sa mga sabi sabi lng pero ang totoong ikaw ee hindi.. sa totoo lang astig mga books mo,. wish ko ma complete ko lahat ng un.. :) merun na ko ng ABKNKKBSNPLAKO,bakit baliktad magbasa ng libro ang mga pilipino,ang paboritong libro ni hudas,alamat ng gubat at stainless longganisa. di ko pa kasi mahanap ung latest e1 ko ba baka naubusan na ko..

  6. meron ako lhat ng books nya pero favorite q "Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas"...

  7. wahaha cool diba ?
    mabuhay lhat ng nagbabasa ng book ni bob :)

  8. idol ko talaga c bob ong.. makakarelate lahat ng students sa book nya na ABNKKBSNPLAko..

  9. I wanna meet you in person. :'> Sana may chance. :'<

  10. Hayyy. He is SOOO great. Ang galing niya. Tae I salute you Bob Ong! You're one great author. You inspire me so much. I just bought two of your books and it already taught me a lot, what more kung bibilhin ko pa yung iba. :">

  11. he's famous for his quotable quotes since most of them are inspiring and has a great impact on the reader's can actually ponder on the sayings he wrote on his books...:)

  12. Bob Ong is one of my favorite author. I love his quotes and sayings. You can find inspiration in Bob Ong Quotes because of its straightforward meaning. Go Bob Ong! You're the man!

  13. Bob Ong Quotes is a classic, love the guy. Keep up the good work of sharing quotes.